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  • Jan 12 / 2015
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SMid joins INDEX: Award 2015



It’s official: I’m INDEX: Award 2015 Spotter!

The INDEX: Award Spotters are a group of people from all over the world committed to spotting the best Design to Improve Life solutions known to man.

The Spotters have been carefully selected – not because of their CV, name or status – but because of their knowledge, network and willingness to donate time and efforts in order to make sure that the very best Design to Improve Life gets nominated for INDEX: Award 2015.

I strongly believe future will focus more on happiness and life improvement, consequently future design solutions will be meaningful and human centered: for this reason I’m more than proud to be selected as INDEX: Award 2015 spotter.

  • Nov 04 / 2014
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trioBike cargo


SMid studio is proud to present its last creation: trioBike cargo, a 2 wheels utility bike designed to be multi purpose but light, fast and agile to ride. On its deck user can load 100 kg, or install a canopy to carry kids or pets, or simply place a flight case box. The bike features an aluminium frame with two 1,8 meters long 3D bent tubes, that run around deck plate making the bike very strong. Total weight (frame + components) is 22,5 kg, this makes trioBike cargo one of the lightest 2 wheels cargo bikes available in the market. For more info check www.triobike.com .

  • Dec 27 / 2013
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New website online

Together with the beginning of 2014 SMid studio presents a new website, designed to be readable on every Internet connected device. We hope you like it!

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